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Checking in on our solar panels in MijnStadstuin

By 4 December 2020August 4th, 2021No Comments

On a cloudy Thursday afternoon we managed to take ourselves out of the office and see for ourselves what we’re all working for. We were able to go to MijnStadstuin and show our new interns the solar panels… and they LOVED THEM! (I can say this because I’m one of them).

MijnStadstuin is a community garden based just outside Amsterdam, enabling access to everyone to produce their own food. They look at how people’s insight and innovations can contribute to developing sustainable food systems, as well as healthy relationships between people and their food. MijnStadstuin is an experimental playground for overcoming the challenges society faces with regards to food production, healthy soil and biodiversity. All projects are realised together with fellow entrepreneurs, educational institutions, knowledge institutions, volunteers and the local Gemeente.

It was so nice to see all the panels lined up, and have a clear view that what we’re doing is working, seeing how our work has materialised and the impact of this for the MijnStadstuin community – those who helped buy our first batches of beerWe wandered around, taking in the fields of beautiful fresh produce that was being grown around us. Even on a day as bleak as Thursday, nearing winter, the colours that were popping up from the ground were magnificent.

We made it back to our beloved solar panels and shared our energy with them (and tried to keep ourselves warm) by dancing around them. Once that warmth began to wear off, we were treated by Sem, one of the directors at the gardens with fresh tea, made from the garden. It warmed us through and gave us the little boost we needed to get back home in the cold and dark. Thank  you Sem.

It was great to meet some of the community that are directly benefiting from our panels. Through this, they have joined the 7BP family to help build a world where there is well-being for all. Sharing with and giving back to the community, we love to see how others are doing the same. With 7 installed and 9 more already funded for, an estimated 32 panels are needed to make MijnStadstuin energy independent. 

Thank you to all the MijnStadstuin community for making our work possible.