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Building our future together

The idea for 7 Billion Presidents started with a question – How would a society where there is well-being for all look like? The answer to this was followed by a plan for an alternative economic model. We like to call it 7 Billion Presidents Regenerative economy. In this model companies give 100% of profit back to society to build a better life for you and me, and everyone else.

Anyone can be a President and Join in taking control of our common future and growing this movement to build a better life for all.

As civilians, we are already generating billions of profit. We aim to change the flow of this money back into our communities to improve all of our lives. “Build the new, and the old will become obsolete”. That’s our strategy. The last 20 years we, as humankind, have built companies like Wikipedia, Uber, Airbnb, Blablacar, Google et. The last 20 years we have built the world as it is today, we can do this again. But this time not to make a small group of people wealthy, but to take control of our own future, work for ourselves and each other. Just like a small group of people built Wikipedia and all of society transitioned to use it without anyone changing their world view (and also stopped buying encyclopedias) we only need a small group of people to build companies that give 100% of their profits back to society and the transition to an inclusive society with a stable climate can happen just as swiftly.

We believe the best way to make this happen is to start Building this World ourselves, in confidence and hope that others continue to join in Building the New together.

Buckminster Fuller once said that “the secret of change is, not to fight the existing, but to focus all of your energy on building the new”. This is what we choose to do. We don’t wait for governments or big corporations to change.

We do this ourselves.

All of us.


* Made by Louise Dlb

Where do the profits go?

Companies that join the 7 Billion Presidents give 100% of their profit back to society.

79% goes to buy land, a building or renewable energy. These are also run in a regenerative way, meaning 100% of these profits also go back into society too. The local communities decide how the money is spend.

7% to building a new regenerative business.
7% to a low income country to support or build a 7 Billion Presidents community there.
7% to support indigenous people (who protect 80% of the earth’s biodiversity).