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Meet the Ambassadors

Here are our beloved friends, supporters and representatives of 7BP

Isaias Hernandez

Environmental Educator and creator of QueerBrownVegan

Isaias is an environmental educator and activist. Born in California, Isaias grew up in a community that faced environmental injustices and witnessed pollution affect his body.These injustices Hernandez faced empowered him to become an environmental educator and earned a BS in Environmental Studies.

Attila Suba

Founder of Green Revolution & Blues Singer

Founder of Green Revolution also singing the blues&gospel all around and having a lot of fun. Let's talk climate action, economics, philosophy, music

Alicia Fall

Founder of Her Many Voices Foundation & public speaker

Alicia Fall, Founder and Visionholder of Her Many Voices Foundation, has been a lifelong doer and creator. Fall is a TEDx Talk presenter, a recipient of the New York State Assembly Citation Award, board member for the Coalition Against Global Genocide and for Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, both as a representative for Indigenous Peoples.

John Liu Ambassador

John Dennis Liu

Film-maker and ecologist

John Dennis Liu is a Chinese American film-maker and ecologist. He is also a researcher at several institutions. In January 2015 John was named Visiting Fellow at Netherlands Institute of Ecology of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Ambassador Graham Boyd

Graham Boyd

Author and CEO

Thinking big, Graham's book Rebuild shows how we can build a better system, based on interlinked businesses and all capitals being represented. Now consulting and helping entrepreneurs optimise their structure, Graham will not stop until society can guarantee prosperous life for all, on a healthy and preserved planet.

A 7BP ambassador, Tom van de Beek.

Tom van de Beek

Founder of The Tipping Point Foundation

Tom is a sustainable entrepreneur finding fulfillment through creating social change. He founded The Tipping Point Foundation, an eco-agency that aims to help with the transition towards a sustainable society, as well as The Pollinators, a movement of citizens, local initiatives, and companies, who want to help pollinating insects, enhance biodiversity, and restore the earth.

A 7BP ambassador, Jesse Job Jorg.

Jesse Job Jorg

We The City

Jesse wants to change the way people view and use public space with his company We The City. They show the public space as a canvas that can be colored by us all, together.

A 7BP ambassador, Jasmijn Schrofer.

Jasmijn Schrofer

Documentary Filmmaker

Jasmijn is a documentary filmmaker and a dancer. Her films can be best described with the words „desire” or „visual poetry”. With her art, she tackles complex issues such as immigration or euthanasia.

A 7BP ambassador, Tom Wheeler.

Tom Wheeler

Sinchi Tribe

Tom Wheeler is an entrepreneur who, among other things, launched Sinchi Tribe - foundation focusing on the preservation of indigenous culture and knowledge. His experiences of trekking solo through Greenland, spending time in aboriginal communities in Australia and working with plant medicines in the Amazon shaped his life and work.

A 7BP ambassador, Kees Klomp.

Kees Klomp

Expert on social economy

Kess Klomp is an expert in socially meaningful entrepreneurship and a champion of Meaning Economy. He uses Buddhist philosophy as a way of doing business, hence his company called Karmanomic.

Ambassador, an artist Dadara


Painter, Artist, Designer, Cartoonist

Dadara's main focus are extravagant interactive performance-installations in public space. Many of these were built at the legendary Burning Man festival. His work is a kind of tweaked mirror which reflects our society, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

Ambassador Jennifer Hinton

Jennifer Hinton

Sustainability Researcher

Jennifer is a sustainability researcher, educator and activist. She co-authored a book How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit world by 2050, exploring the unviable dynamics of For-Profit models and the key role of Not-for-Profit businesses in the transition to a sustainable, more resilient economy.

A 7BP ambassador, Marjan Minnesma.

Marjan Minnesma

Director of Urgenda

Marjan is the founder of the Urgenda foundation that fights for a greener, more liveable Earth. They have won the legal battle against Dutch Government, in which the court decided the Netherlands will be legally obligated to stop climate change. Marjan follows her own words: „We know what needs to be done. Let's work together and drag others into our unstoppable enthusiasm”.