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Hi fellow human being,

Bela Hatvany, the inventor behind touch-screen technology, has offered 7BillionPresidents ANBI foundation €10,000 once we raise €10,000. With this money, we can cover operational costs until we are financially sufficient. 7 Billion Presidents is on a mission to build an inclusive Global Society with a Stable Climate where there is Well-Being for All by 2050.

We are making this a reality by building regenerative companies that share 100% of their profit on building the next regenerative project that makes life better for you and me. The last 18 years we have built Wikipedia – YouTube – Airbnb – Google – basically the world as it is today. Who says we can not do this again, but this time in a way where all profits are used to build a better life for you, me and everyone else?

The momentum is growing; we have built the first regenerative company Beer For Humankind with beer sales increasing. We have also got the support of Noam Chomsky.We hereby invite you to donate and get us one step closer to raising 10.000,- euro. The Let’s Share art piece is made by Amsterdam icon artist Dadara.

There is no small donation, any amount is important.

Other ways to help: Office space for 7 – 11 people one day a week – any places we can sell Beer For Humankind – tips for rooms for people that come to Amsterdam for an internship – journalistsphilanthropists

We couldn’t make a ‘donate any amount you like’ button but you can choose a donation amount and then multiply it as many times as you like.

Join us on Instagram or the telegram community channel

Let’s Share.

7 Billion Presidents, We Build The New

To be WE, we need YOU.

Bank info: Stg 7 Billion Presidents – NL93 TRIO 0320 2820 82