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Hi fellow human being,

Let’s organize humanity to collaborate and build a better life for all of us.

If we can organize humanity to be in competition with each other, we can also organize humanity to collaborate to build a better life for all of us.

We’re building a better world, one that doesn’t just sustain itself but actively heals and restores. With your support, you can help us create a regenerative economy that benefits all and secures a brighter future for generations of humans and wildlife to come. Join the club by giving 77 cents every months to collaborate with us on creating a better home for all of us. For every 20 euros collected, 7 Billion Presidents acquires one meter square of regenerative land. The more meter squares acquired, the bigger our regenerative community gets. Giving 77 cents monthly will get us closer to build an inclusive society with a stable climate. Monthly donations of just 77 cents will play a crucial role in creating a more inclusive society and maintaining a stable climate.

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7 Billion Presidents, We Build The New

To be WE, we need YOU.

Bank info: Stg 7 Billion Presidents – NL93 TRIO 0320 2820 82