How can I participarty?

Your mama has probably already told you that no one goes to a party empty-handed, and we believe there’s plenty of wisdom in that. To get this ‘party’ going and build this movement, we need all the help we can get from YOU. Yep, I mean exactly you. I’m actually pointing at you right now from the other side of the screen. You can help us in many different ways or not at all, up to you. But I’m sure you’re not gonna want to miss out on becoming a president and taking control over your own future.

How you can help us change the world:

Become a president

Become one of the 7 billion presidents by joining us on our Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

Help 7 Billion Presidents grow by sharing the story of 7BP in any way you like (talking about it with family and friends, sharing our posts on your social media etc..)

Send us any ideas, feedback or questions you have via our Instagram, Facebook or through

Help us find ambassadors

Bring us in contact with a friend or family member that might want to become a 7BP Ambassador. They can be any kind of artist, leader or person that can improve our movement or spread our story in a beautiful and thoughtful way.

Become a Partner Company

We know what you’re thinking; how can I get involved? Email for more information. Here are some of the ways you can partner with us: 

Donate solar panels to the 7 Billion Presidents Renewable Energy Corporation. Every solar panel donated helps your community and will be visible on the homepage of this website.

Create and sell a 7BP product. The profit will go towards installing renewable energy in the form of solar panels as part of the 7 Billion Presidents Renewable Energy Corporation.*

Become a 7BP company.

Invite. Do you know any entrepreneurs you think would be interested in partnering with us? We’d be happy to speak to organisations, movements, or companies that might like to join us in ‘building the new’ by creating or selling 7BP products, or simply by donating solar panels. Email us at

*  The 7 Billion Presidents Renewable Energy Corporation’s goal is to use profit to install solar panels until the whole world runs on renewable energy sources owned by all of the Earth’s inhabitants. This means people will have an active say in what is done with the money generated by this energy corporation.


Give us all your money

Donate money to help grow 7 Billion Presidents in general or donate one or more solar panels to the first energy cooperation in the world that is owned by all the people*.


*This means that all money generated is used to install more renewable energy till the whole world runs on renewable energy owned by all the people. After this everyone can vote what to do with the money generated by this energy cooperation.



Donate one or more solar panels (an average price of a panel is 330,- euros):
In name of ‘La Chap David’ – IBAN NL60 BUNQ 2041 6694 38