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We Build companies that give 100% of their profit to making Life better for EveryOne.

What’s our Vision?

An Inclusive Global Society with a Stable Climate where there is Well-Being for All by 2050.

What’s our Mission?

We Build companies where 100% of the profits are spent to stabilize the climate, restore ecosystems and support social projects.

Who Are We?

We’re a group of Dreamers, Builders, Change-makers. Instead of competing with each other, we choose to work together for a new society. Instead of creating wealth for shareholders, we build a better life for each other and ourselves.

7BP Regenerative Economy

Great and ambitious idea. Very much hope that you can make progress and will be most interested to see how it develops.

Noam Chomsky


Our First Product

Bruut Beer for Humankind

Bruut supports 7 Billion Presidents , a community of positive thinkers that invests in projects that contribute to improving social contacts, togetherness and quality of life.

But Bruut does more.

Together with the community, Bruut chooses a number of local initiatives every year, which could use some support. Bruut sponsors small-scale projects but also helps people who need it.

Our Partners

To be We, We need You.

Become a President, join the Family.