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We Build companies that give 100% of their profit to making Life better for EveryOne.

What’s our Vision?

An Inclusive Global Society with a Stable Climate where there is Well-Being for All by 2040.

What’s our Mission?

We Build companies where 100% of the profits are spent to stabilize the climate, restore ecosystems and support social projects.

Who Are We?

We’re a group of Dreamers, Builders, Change-makers. Instead of competing with each other, we choose to work together for a new society. Instead of creating wealth for shareholders, we build a better life for each other and ourselves.

7BP Regenerative Economy

Our First Product

Bruut Beer for Humankind

Bruut supports 7 Billion Presidents , a community of positive thinkers that invests in projects that contribute to improving social contacts, togetherness and quality of life.

But Bruut does more.

Together with the community, Bruut chooses a number of local initiatives every year, which could use some support. Bruut sponsors small-scale projects but also helps people who need it.

Our Partners

To be We, We need You.

Become a President, join the Family.