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We are back!

By 9 December 2020August 4th, 2021No Comments

Yes! We’re back and our blog is back, up and running again! 

After a year of radio silence from this end, we’ve picked up the baton and vowed to get back to regular insights into what we’re getting up to, in the form of lovely long text. 

In other good news, we’ve partnered up with our favourite beer sommelier Sander from Bruut Bier Brewery, just in time for Christmas. We’d like to deliver as many 4-packs to our lovely community in and around Amsterdam before we go back to our homes in time for Christmas. 

Sander unloaded a large quantity of beer to our door last Thursday and we think they’re unsafe to be kept for too long in David’s office! Lana and I were toing and froing up and down David’s 4 flights of stairs; 12 large boxes of beers, a large pack of coasters and a load of flat-pack 4-pack boxes later, everything was neatly stored in his vacant flat-mate’s room. 

The beers we offer include:

Eigen Weiss, a Belgian-style witbier with a sassy twist

Gajes, a dry, hoppy triple, which won ‘Best beer in the Netherlands’ in 2016.

Wazig, a new England IPA

Saison, a refreshing blonde summer ale. 

Over the upcoming weekend and next, we plan on dressing up and cycling around Amsterdam on our bakfiets, delivering the Christmassy packages to the 7BP family and much loved co-presidents. When delivering, we would like to check in with the 7BP community, share time and see if we can help in any way; with our aim to create a happier, healthier and more peaceful society where there is wellbeing for all. 

What I love is that we are able to promise that 100% of the profits we make from the sales of this beer will go towards installing new solar panels in our communities. We’re researching and in talks with new areas in which we can install solar panels, allowing the communities around to reap the benefits by working towards energy independence.

…And it all starts with beer! So, if you’re reading this and are thinking “Actually, that would make a great Christmas present” or you’re simply behind on your Christmas shopping, wouldn’t mind a helping hand and know someone (or a few people) who would appreciate some of the tastiest varieties around, please get in touch and we will make sure you have beer delivered to your doorstep, in time for Christmas.