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Honor the Earth Festival 2024


Date: 20-21 April

Address: Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam NL


“We know the system sucks, but what can we do?”
As the saying goes Build The New and the old becomes obsolete.
Honor the Earth is a festival for the people, by the people and you are invited to join in building an inclusive and just society with a stable climate.
Her Many Voices brings Indigenous Wisdom to face Modern Challenges.
7 Billion Presidents empowers humanity to take control over their own future by building it.
Regens Unite creates spaces for gatherings to strengthen relational tissue between common goods, climate action, artists, facilitators and caretakers.
Together, we build a coalition of people on a mission to co-envision and co-create a regenerative future.
To be WE, we need YOU


Saturday – April 20th

9:45 – 10:00 Welcome

10:00 – 10:45 Group Check-In

11-13 – Morning workshop breakout session Participants are free to choose and move between the different workshops.


11-13 – Workshop: “Exploring, embracing and embodying earth’s Emotions”.
Navigate complex emotions tied to environmental changes, using embodied techniques for regulation. (Given by Marco Minoni & Finn van den IJssel, in the room “Zonzij”)

11-13 – Workshop: “Treesistance: Intro to Indigenous allyship and mutual aid
Gain insights into effective climate action through Indigenous allyship and mutual aid. (Given by Jesse van’t Hull, in the room “THT”)

11-13 – Workshop: “Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures
Explore decolonial thinking through interactive discussions and embodiment practices for a more just future. (Given by Niki Bharat, in the room “Workshop gallery”)

11-13 – Workshop: “The future of regenerative healthcare: healing soil, soul and body
Co-create a future health system rooted in vibrant soil ecosystems and the healing power of diet. (Given by Zuzanna Zielińska, in the room “IJzaal”)

13-14 – Lunch Break (included in the price!)

14-16 – Afternoon workshop breakout session Participants are free to choose and move between the different workshops.


14-15 – Workshop “Navigating ideological differences for common goals
Collaboratively explore inclusivity and impactful results beyond ideological differences. (Given by Aicila Lewis & Dror Yaron, in the room “Zonzij”)

15-16 – Workshop: “Connecting with Seeds
Interactive seed activity – make living lockets – a seed starting activity. Talking about traditional seeds, starting and practices. (Given by Chenoa Francis, in the room “IJzaal”)

14-16 – Workshop: “Regenerative Constellations Work
Experience collective, embodied processes to sense system dynamics and potential for societal change. (Given by Annelieke Verkerk, in the room “Workshop gallery”)

14-16 – Workshop: “AImaginaries
At the AImaginaries workshop, we demystify AI and broaden the debate, envisioning justice-centered futures with generative AI. All welcome, regardless of digital literacy; just bring a laptop. (Given by Tessa Boumans, Jannes Ren Berge, Adriaan Odendaal and Dore Visserin, in the room “THT”)

14-15 – Workshop: “SELF Love Shop & Flower Limpia with the Musical Doula
Embark on a self-love journey through senses, storytelling, and creative expression, facilitated by the Musical Doula. (Given by Melissa Ivey, in the room “IJzaal”)

15-16 – Workshop: “Collective Ownership
Learn about collective ownership’s benefits and organisation to create a fairer, healthier society. (Given by Ivo Schmetz, in the room “Zonzij”)

14-16 – Outdoor walk workshop: Embrace the Outdoors: A Journey of Connection and Growth Workshop
Discover nature’s transformative power in fostering personal growth and nurturing mental well-being. (Given by Victoria Carrington Chávez, Outdoor)

16:30-17:30 – Community Ceremony

17:30-18:30 Dinner (included in the price!)

18:30-21 – Partici-Party!
Experience an open mic, live music, and the intimate conversations of the listening table.

Sunday – April 21st

9:45 – 10:00 Welcome

10:00 – 10:45 Group Check-In

11-13 – Morning workshop breakout session Participants are free to choose and move between the different workshops.


11-12 – Workshop: “Play the game – don’t become it
Learn about movement and power building from LGBTQ activism in a supportive learning circle (Given by Aicila Lewis, in the room “Workshop Gallery”)

11-12 – Workshop: “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution (Emma Goldman)
We can dream it, we can do it. Co-envisioning and co-creating the regenerative festival of the future. (Given by Vince Langlade, Maarten Klop, Attila Suba & David Theuvenet, in the room “THT”)

11-13 – Workshop: “Joy, Bravery, Well-being – Indigenous Wisdom
Dive into Indigenous wisdom for healing soils and souls, fostering bravery and collective well-being. (Given by Chautuileo Tranamil, in the room “IJZaal”)

12-13 – Workshop: “Capoeira Workshop
Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Capoeira through movement, music, and Brazilian culture (Given by Alex Nascimento, in the room “Workshop Gallery”)

12-13 – Workshop: “Founders Grief Circle
Join entrepreneurs to reflect on failure, sharing stories and strategies for navigating the human experience of defeat (Given by Dror Yaron, in the room “THT”)

13-14 – Lunch Break (included in the price!)

14-16 – Afternoon workshop breakout session Participants are free to choose and move between the different workshops.

14-16 – Workshop: “Sacred Play
Experience transformational playfulness to ignite creativity, intuition, and joy in life. (Given by Floris Koot, in the room “Workshop gallery”)

14-16 – Workshop: “Earth Wisdom Circle
Commune with Earth’s spirit, guided by meditation to reconnect with nature’s wisdom and give back through ritual. (Given by Melisa Monti, in the room “IJzaal”)

14-15 – Workshop: “Soil Sommelier
Learn about the connection between soil health and nutrient density through a hands-on ‘soil tasting’ workshop. (Given by Yasmine Cathell, in the room “THT”)

15-16 – Workshop: “Offers and Needs Market
Engage in a postgrowth experience to discover hidden richness, express needs, and strengthen community bonds. (Given by Alex Pielaet, in the room “THT”)

14-16 – Outdoor workshop: “Exploring Amsterdam’s Green Spaces ON Bike”
Bike through Amsterdam’s hidden green spots, discovering floating flower beds and secret gardens. Explore Nature-based Community solutions, turning climate concern into impactful action. Bring your bike!
(Given by Grant Holton and Jasper Riehm, outdoor) 

16:30-17:30 – Community Ceremony

17:30 – 18:30 – Dinner (included in the price!)

18:30-21 – Partici-Party!
Experience an open mic, live music, and the intimate conversations of the listening table.


P.S. We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a special event, the “Flea Market for Palestine” 🇵🇸 It will be in the living room for both days. This event holds a special place in our hearts as all proceeds from the market will be donated entirely, 100%, to the “Fair Trade Palestine” foundation. Not only will they provide merchandise for sale, but we will also showcase a variety of other artists’ works, ensuring every purchase directly supports their impactful work. We will have a diverse array of products and services available, including t-shirts, art pieces, visual art, and even tarot readings (this last one only on Saturday). 



Marco Minoni & Finn van den IJssel

Exploring, Embracing and Embodying Earth’s Emotions

Exploring, embracing and embodying Earth's Emotions" is an interactive workshop designed to help you navigate complex emotions and sensations tied to the state of our planet. In a safe and supportive environment, you will delve into the feelings of connection, concern, and the impact of global environmental changes on your mental and emotional state. We'll also use embodied techniques to move through these states and learn to regulate them.

Hi! I am Finn, 22 year old and I live in Rotterdam, where I study political philosophy and audiovisual design. I am very passionate about filmmaking and social entrepreneurship, and I aim to use these as means of (climate) activism. I am part of the film collective Bloeifilm, where we use films to address the social and ecological collapse the world is facing, while exploring new worlds possible.

Marco minoni is a facilitator and cultural activist that strives for justice and a new world by facilitating decision-making processes and workshops that embody a new ways of being and doing together. He deeply cares about (real) democracy, anti-oppression practices, and inclusivity, and has a passion for movement and performing arts (theater and dancing) and tries to include it in his facilitation and daily life.

Jesse van't Hull

Treesistance: Intro to Indigenous Allyship and Mutual Aid

Treesistance: Intro to Indigenous allyship and mutual aid. How to reach beyond climate anxiety and get stuff done. Most people are aware that the Amazon rainforest is disappearing at an alarming rate, a lot of people know how that is disastrous for our global climate and some people are aware that the original inhabitants of the Amazon know how to take care of the rainforest best. But how do you go from there and make an impact? What power do you have?

Jesse - Head of Operations @ Treesistance. Treesistance is a movement and an impact blueprint centered on the protection of the Amazon, working at the intersection where Indigenous knowledge and science meet. We create disruptive models that have a tangible impact. Our mission is to revolutionise forest crime prevention, the protection of global biodiversity and how the world interacts with nature.

Niki Bharat

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures

Join this introductory workshop on decolonial thinking, where we'll explore unlearning and re-learning to pave the way for a more just and collective future. Led by Niki, this session offers interactive discussions and embodiment practices to challenge traditional narratives and embrace new perspectives that gesture towards new ways of being into our reality.

Niki has facilitated and held space for various social processes related to power, decoloniality, human-nature connectedness, and systemic work. She is an anthropologist, an activist, a facilitator, and regenerative agriculture enthusiast that is interested in bringing people together to practice and embody a new, regenerative way of being with oneself and each other.

Zuzanna Zielińska

The Future of Regenerative Healthcare: Healing Soil, Soul and Body

Join us in creating the future of a health system where a vibrant and rich soil ecosystem is the base of thriving humanity. During the workshops we will explore how farming practices affect the nutritional quality of the food and how we can fuel the food system transition using the medical power of diet.

Zuzanna Zielińska is an environmental nutritionist and systemic entrepreneur. She works on a cross road between human and soil health. She is currently setting up a regenerative food pharmacy in Rotterdam South.

Aicila Lewis & Dror Yaron

Navigating Ideological Differences for Common Goals

To make an economy that works for all people a reality, we need to involve—well, all kinds of people, building on the shared humanity that underlies our disparate views. Join us to work together through the real and human challenge of inclusivity that goes beyond including those we are comfortable including. Leave with actionable insights for moving beyond an all-or-nothing mentality to facilitate impactful results in your community.

Dror Yaron’s perspective on framing purpose-driven conversations and partnerships, and Aicila Lewis’ insights from her unique coalition-building experiences, promise a thought-provoking exchange of ideas. Aicila and Dror connected last summer at the Post-Growth-Entrepreneurship Train-the-Trainer online workshop series. While they’ve been in delightful dialogue ever since, they are meeting in person for the first time at this conference.

Chenoa Francis

Connecting with Seeds

Interactive seed activity - make living lockets - a seed starting activity. Talking about traditional seeds, starting and practices.

Chenoa Amadahe Francis is Hopi and Dineh. Her Hopi name is Diwanmanci, meaning Sunflower. She is from the Towering House clan, born for Red Running through the Water clan. Her Hopi clans are Massau’, Bear, Sand and Snake Clan. While her tribe and family are from Arizona and New Mexico, she was born and raised in the Denver Metro Area, where she currently resides. She identifies as a daughter, a sister, an auntie, an artist, and a friend. Though Chenoa is only 23 years old, she has been an active member in the indigenous community as a learner, a mentor, an activist and a teacher since she was in diapers. Utilizing indigenous youth programs such as Mile High Unity, A.I.S.E.S, Four Winds American Indian Council, DPS Indian Ed, and Spirit of the Sun, she has grown to love working with indigenous youth all over Colorado while also spreading knowledge to our future generations.

Annelieke Verkerk

Regenerative Constellations Work

Would you like to explore how you, your initiative or organization relates to the larger place-based, eco-systemic and social dynamics at play? Through an embodied process of system-sensing we connect to what is really going on in the undercurrent on a practical and on a ‘soul’ level. Participants are usually touched by the profound insights that open up beyond what an intellectual analysis could provide.

Annelieke Verkerk has a passion for transition and transformation processes and a sixth sense for untapped potential. She works systemically with changemakers, catalysts, teams and organizations around the globe who are committed to implement sustainable, circular and regenerative ways of working. She works with sure-footedness, clarity and sensitivity, sometimes surprising, always insightful.

Tessa Boumans

AI imaginaries: co-creating justice driven futures

AI is undeniably a hot topic, but its potential is often exaggerated, demonized, mystified, or glorified. At the workshop, we aim to demystify the topic of AI and broaden the AI debate, inviting diverse perspectives beyond the usual suspects like Elon Musk and Sam Altman. We want to hear your voice! Using generative AI, we collaborate to envision justice-centered futures, considering questions like: ‘what is desirable?’ and ‘fair for whom?’. Everyone is welcome, regardless of digital literacy; just bring a laptop*! For those without access to a laptop or iPad please inform us prior to the event to see if we can make other arrangements.

AI imaginaries is a project that is part of AI impact, which is an interdisciplinary initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam to engage with the discourse on societal impact of AI. The aim of AI imaginaries is to turn these words to action by engaging with people that have an interest in demystifying AI by co-creating justice-driven futures using the given tools.

Melissa Ivey

SELF love shop & flower limpia with the musical doula”

Tune up your body, the instrument in a self-love journey through the senses. We begin by waking up the physical body, then we invite drumming, group singing, and painting with flowers. Your guide, Melissa Ivey, offers her tuned-up body, storytelling wisdom, and an invitation to explore your creative self-expression. Decolonize your body, your mind, and your healing. Prepare to rebirth with the musical Doula.

Melissa Ivey (She/ They/ Mel) is a Taino, Two Spirit, musician, poet, builder of worlds and a birth worker, womb healing doula aka The Musical Doula. . When they are not healing community wombs or assisting in birth ceremony, Mel hosts community events focused on Decolonizing in sober spaces while uplifting Black Indigenous People of Color. They are passionate about using mycelium, herbs, and hemp to remediate our bodies and give back to mother earth. Look out for Frida Vibes, their latest self produced Album due date late 2024.

Ivo Schmetz

Collective ownership

In this session we will discover what collective ownership is, how it works, what the benefits are, how it can be organized and how it will help in the transition towards a more fair, honest and healthy world/society for everyone.

Ivo Schmetz moved to Amsterdam after graduating from art school in Maastricht. By accident he rolled into the squatting scene and got involved in squatting the OLVG hospital (1998-1999) and the OT301 (1999-now). Besides still being involved in the OT301 Ivo works as a graphic designer, music programmer, writer and is one of the initiators and driving forces of Amsterdam Alternative (2015-now). Amsterdam Alternative publishes a bi-monthly free newspaper (since 2015 and organizes lots of public discussions, music events, docu screenings and other small scale, non-commercial events. Under the umbrella of Amsterdam Alternative Ivo has also developed a project called Vrij Beton (for realizing new, collectively owned free spaces) and created the extended, multimedia web about collective ownership (

Victoria Carrington Chávez

Embrace the outdoors: a journey of connection and growth workshop

Join our workshop with Victoria Carrington Chávez to explore nature's transformative power in fostering personal growth, strengthening bonds, and nurturing mental well-being. Discover how outdoor adventures can bring solace, focus, and deeper connections with loved ones, regardless of your experience level.

Victoria Carrington Chávez, is a Colorado native brand strategist and graphic designer often referred to as a "pure magic," in her industry. With roots as diverse as her artwork—embracing African, Diné, and Mexicana influences—Victoria is the visionary force behind La Mezcla Creative Co. a branding and marketing agency; centered in creativity, and community building through creative collaboration. Victoria’s work alongside Her Many Voices Foundation has helped amplify “Indigenous lead wisdom for modern times.”

Aicila Lewis

Play the game - don’t become it

Drawing from 20+ years of activism and community building, Aicila will facilitate a learning circle to support attendees in understanding some key distinctions around movement and power building from her experience in LGBTQ activism.

Aicila Lewis (EYE-ee-sila) (she/they) brings 20+ years of leadership to her consulting and coaching. As a community organizer she was awarded a Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition. She’s served as the Executive Director for 2 LGBTQ serving non-profits; been the organizational strategist for multiple organizations; and is committed to supporting and amplifying the work of mission driven organizations. Between her work leading these groups and her involvement in other initiatives, she has learned the power of leading with compassion and the vital role equity plays in creating work that endures.

Vincent Langlade, Maarten Klop, Attila Suba, David Theuvenet (7BP)

"If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution” (Emma Goldman)

Attila, Vince, Maarten and David pitch their regenerative festival ideas and then collectively and in small groups we co-envision our dream regenerative festival in different exercises.

Vincent Langlade: Fluctuations Partnerships Manager. Fluctuations is an impact festival using a riverboat across Europe to mobilize on social, environmental and democratic topics.

Chautuileo Tranamil

“Joy, Bravery, Well-being - Indigenous Wisdom”

Chautuileo provides a historical overview from an Indigenous female perspective. In her storytelling she explores a path for healing soils and souls. Ofcourse, this requires bravery: facing the Mother Wound. Yet, for the collective well-being, ancestral wisdom is essential for future generations. This is a deep dive into the journey of healing and restoring with joy, bravery and co-creation.

Chautuileo Tranamil is Mapuche Pewenche and born in Chile. She integrates the cosmovisions as well as intergenerational and rematriation thinking into her work as a writer, keynote speaker, educator, and community builder. She works with words, seeds, beans, mycelium, animals and peoples. She loves to dance and is a musician as well. She is co-founder of Indigenous Liberation Movement, and co-founder of the Mycelium Joy project.

Alex Nascimento

Capoeira workshop

Explore the fascinating universe of Capoeira in our workshop, a unique experience that combines movement, live music, and the contagious energy of Brazilian culture. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned athlete, a child or an elder, our workshop is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of sporting abilities. The workshop is more than just a class; it's a musical and sporting celebration. Traditional Brazilian musical instruments create a special atmosphere, infusing the experience with vibrant energy. And best of all: no specific sports skills are required to participate. The versatility of Capoeira allows everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to engage in the game or music, providing an exciting and enjoyable challenge.

I am Alex Nascimento Laranjeira and I come from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, the place where Capoeira was born. I have been practicing Capoeira for over 25 years and have extensive experience working in sports with children, youth, and adults. I have also implemented projects for, among others, the municipality and UNESCO. After living and working in Germany for 12 years, I have now settled in Amsterdam where I started teaching classes for people of all ages in September 2019. In addition to teaching my own group, I have worked at institutions such as the Metis Montessori Lyceum and Hervormd Lyceum West. Since 2019, I have also been conducting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu workshops at the Coornhert Lyceum in Haarlem. On June 15, 2008, Capoeira was recognized as Brazilian intangible cultural heritage by IPHAN (Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional). On November 26, 2014, UNESCO recognized Capoeira as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity (Paris). I am very eager to share my knowledge with you. For Capoeira classes and workshops, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu self-defense, and acrobatics, you can contact me.

Dror Yaron

Founders Grief Circle

A space for conscious entrepreneurs to share stories of struggle and failure, facilitated by a leadership coach for business humans. As an entrepreneur, you often hear failing glorified. Failing fast. Failing forward. In this session, we will pause to reflect on the human experience of failure. What do you do when things don't go your way? How does it feel? How do you process? Join us to share stories of glorious defeat and exchange strategies on how to fail well.

Dror Yaron is the founder and principal at Ethics.Coach, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off, partnering with purpose-driven business leaders to chart bold and practical paths for sustainable positive impact. Yaron’s coaching practice builds on twelve years of facilitating stakeholder conversations and coaching professionals in education and other fields, looking to build context-driven, purposeful tech practices. Yaron studied at the International Center of Photography in New York. His photography and (earlier) journalism experience informed his work before joining CMU, leading creative inquiries into questions of identity in collaboration with learners and educators.

Floris Koot

Sacred Play

A lighthearted workshop into transformational and inspired playfulness. How do you ignite your creative intuitive soul? What is a fluid way to liberation? How to connect to your own source of wisdom? In this workshop we dive right in. We’ll explore our playful powers, and what they can do for our lives. Play is how nature invented learning. Play engages your whole system, body, mind & heart, thus expands your knowing and intuition. In this workshop we dive right in. We’ll explore our playful powers, and what they can do for our lives. Expect it to ease tensions, help you become more intuitive, learn faster and have more fun, and offer yourself a deep insight. There’s a price to pay too: dare to be wrong, experiment with roles and situations, dive in without knowing where it goes and stop judging. What more needs to be said. Just turn up.

Floris Koot is an educational innovator and facilitator. As social innovator and play expert he makes content experiential. In this matter he has been training creativity, authentic leadership and offering management games, bringing the human element to business, festivals and communities.

Melisa Monti

Earth Wisdom Circle

In this circle we will come together to commune with the spirit of the Earth and remember our relationship to her. Through a deep guided meditation Melisa will guide us through a journey of coming home and remembering the wisdom of the Earth. We will close this circle by giving back to the Earth through ritual.

Melisa is a ceremonialist, a certified Women’s Circle facilitator and serves her community as a bridge between spirit and the Earth. Her mission is to create safe spaces for women, so that they can blossom in authenticity and in all their spiritual and creative potential. To remember what you already know, but somehow forgot.

Yasmine Cathell

Soil Sommelier

Soil is the foundation of life, and understanding its essence not only nurtures our connection to the planet but also enhances our appreciation for the natural world. This workshop will transform your perception of the ground beneath your feet and the food on your plate, offering insights and skills that merge soil science, sensory experience, and environmental stewardship.

Yasmine is passionate about regenerating our food system by connecting soil health to human health and empowering farmers to steward our planet’s natural capital. On her journey to becoming a Soil Sommelier she founded a biochar startup, became a certified permaculture teacher, worked in agroforestry in Mozambique, and managed a pioneering nutrient density research project on a farm in NL. She embraces agri-tech innovation while honoring ancient indigenous knowledge.

Alex Pielaet

Offers and Needs Market

A postgrowth experience in which you might :1) Realize that you are #richer than you might think; 2) Become more comfortable with expressing your #needs in a safe environment; 3) Get some inspiration on how to strengthen your community; 4) Meet new (local) people; 5) Help out others in a fun and easy way; 6) Get some help with something that you need or want

Initially, Alex was an organization scientist that gained experience as a business consultant in the global semiconductor industry. Due to increasing criticism of the economic system he found the urge to step away from the system and spend his sabbatical volunteering abroad whilst studying alternative schools of economic thought to the current neoliberal paradigm. As a result, he is familiar with all sorts of ‘aligned economics’ and likes to spread the word. Alex is curious and open-hearted, a frequent hitchhiker, likes to play with words and shuffle to house music while enjoying an IPA. Cheers!

Jasper Riehm & Grant Holton

Exploring Amsterdams Green Spaces ON BIKE!

Let’s ride through Amsterdams more forgotten green spaces. We’ll explore floating flowerbeds, a secret garden and some of Jasper’s own green creations using Willow and Nature. So bring your own bike and let’s get inspired together! Grant will share some insights into Nature-based Community solutions that show how powerful nature is, as we turn Concern about Climate into Action - Impact YOU CAN DO!

Jasper Riehm, a former Michelin-starred chef turned urban green artist, now excels in blending culinary arts with urban ecology in Amsterdam. As a member of Cityplot, he leads foraging tours and constructs living willow domes, known as "That Weird Plant Guy," Jasper's work embodies sustainability, aiming to reconnect city dwellers with nature.

Grant Holton is active in Connecting Communities, using Nature Nurseries and scaling up Tree planting, biodiversity and ecological green projects with volunteers and empowered citizens. MeerbomenNU ( started in Hoofddorp, has gone national in NL, DE, and pilots in the UK. Ireland, Belgium and next winter in France. 2M trees rescued with over 22.000 volunteers, over 10.000 planting locations, 200 tree hubs and 3.500 events self-organised over 4 winters. Let us work together With Nature - In Nature - For Nature.