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Team Introduction

Meet Lucas aka Sinka!

By 2 March 2021May 18th, 2021No Comments

Future leaders of the earth!

What’s really good? My name is Lucas aka Sinka and I am a German-Italian-Bavarian from Munich. Having met the 7BP founder David this January I quickly became both taken and enamored with the ideology(cal implications) of 7BP during the course of one roadtrip. Consequently, I joined enthusiastically this January and aim at contributing to social media outreach, partner network management, internal structures and of course, first and foremost, wherever my help is needed. 

In the last half year, I finished my Masters degree, started and subsequently lost two jobs ( thanks Corona for that one) and worked on small scale events as a coordinator and builder. Next to that, I have been involved with the lovely Love Foundation for the last several years as well as mingling in Limburg’s local politics. 

Now it is time to channel my experiences in order to infuse 7BP with what I have learned over the past years and take our initiative to the moon and beyond. New galaxies here come. The Question is rather: Where will we land?

Much Love <3 <3 <3