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Team Introduction

Meet Mabel!

By 1 March 2021May 18th, 2021No Comments

Hi everyone, I’m Mabel.

I started working with 7 Billion Presidents 4 months ago after graduating from uni last year, with a degree in Creative Advertising. I came to 7BP to help out with their mission, as I felt passionately about what they stand for. I’m trying to use what I learnt in my degree for good, as advertising was never something I felt I could morally align myself with. 

In the next 6 months I hope to help build a stronger identity for 7BP, so more people are able to relate to its cause, making it super clear and understandable of what we do, thus organically building our community around us. I would also like to experiment with other ways of building a community other than being restricted by social media (once corona permits) and how else we can share our message across the city of Amsterdam and beyond…

I’m excited for events to reopen and festivals to start up again, to have contact with people again will be appreciated more than ever. 

So bring on 2021 in it’s mightest, we’re ready and waiting!