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Building a Movement

7 Billion Presidents is a revolutionary grassroots movement that is on a mission to, by 2025, spend a trillion euros on building clean energy plants, every year. You might think this is a gigantic goal to tackle, and wonder how on earth we are going to realise this… Are we right? Bear with us while we provide you with an explanation of our concept, and how you, we, and the rest of the world are going to work together to reach this goal.

Clean Power to the People

The final goal of spending a trillion euros on building clean energy plants, every year, is achieved by harnessing the power of ALL of us, FOR all of us, by building Romantic Capitalistic companies, and produce Romantic Capitalistic products. The profits made on these products, and by these companies, are not for your day to day boss but are invested into installing solar panels or other clean energy technologies.

The Capitalistic system compared to the Romantic Capitalistic system

As everybody can contribute through buying Romantic Capitalist products, and all of us benefit from the profits that are invested into clean energy, we say that the clean energy plants we build are co-owned by everybody in the world. The profit the energy plants generate (compared to other energy sources) is used to build more clean energy plants and produce more romantic capitalistic products. This circular system will, in the end, result in more jobs, more clean air, a lower energy price and more energy independence.

Practical Example

Beer For Mankind is the first Romantic Capitalistic product by 7 Billion Presidents.

On September 9, 2018, all the profit made from Beer for Mankind was invested in installing the first 7 solar panels in ‘Mijn Stadstuin’ in Amsterdam West. Showcasing the results of our energy company, co-owned by everybody on this planet.

What’s in it for me?

First off, Romantic Capitalistic companies promote a 4-day workweek or less. As automatisation is taking over an increasing amount of existing jobs, we can use this extra time for the good, to create a better work-life balance, fewer burnouts and stress, as well as more time for family, friends and sports. Secondly, when we switch from fossil energy sources to clean energy sources it will increase the number of jobs by at least 4 times. And to finalize it, to work on income equality we keep a maximum salary ratio of 7: 1, making sure the current gap decreases.

In short

With every Romantic Capitalistic Product you buy, you build a happy, healthy and peaceful life for yourself and others. Furthermore, you are contributing to a bigger picture, YOU are the solution to climate change,  the growing power of big money, automation replacing existing jobs and the growing income inequality. Buying Romantic Capitalistic products offers you the chance to take control, and make a change.

So, that’s what we believe in, creating a better life for everyone, through the power of all of us. Together we are 7 Billion Presidents, we build the new, and to be WE, we need YOU! Are we gonna do this, do you see the light, do you feel the spark??? Let’s go!



  • Clive Eccleston says:

    If this ain’t a scam it sounds fantastic. Bring on the revolution, a new world order.

    • David Theuvenet says:

      It’s not a scam my friend :). Now the more we do… the more people will believe and join build a new world (order) 🙂

  • David Theuvenet says:

    It’s not a scam my friend :). Now the more we do… the more people will believe and join build a new world (order) 🙂