Building our future together

The idea for ‘7 Billion Presidents’ started with a question – How would a society where there is well-being for all look like? The answer to this was followed by a plan for an alternative economic model to replace capitalism, something we like to call ‘romantic capitalism’. This new model focuses on using profit companies make, to build a better life for all, instead of accumulating wealth for shareholders.

This is happening right now with ‘7 Billion Presidents’. With the profit of the products we sell, we invest in clean energy by installing solar panels in various public spaces. These panels also generate profit as the locations become climate-neutral. Therefore, we receive back the money saved from their electricity bills. This means all profit generated is then used to re-invest in more renewable energy. Anyone can be a ‘7 Billion’ President and join us in taking control over our future and growing this movement.

As civilians, we are already generating billions of profit. We aim to change the flow of this money back into society to improve all of our lives. “Build the new, and the old will become obsolete” is our strategy. As we are already doing most of the work for companies like: Uber, Airbnb and Wikipedia, we believe that making this transition can be done swiftly, if we all use our skills and talents to create romantic capitalistic products, services, companies and platforms.

We believe the best way is to start building this world ourselves, in trust and hope that others will continue to join and help us ‘build the new’ together.

Buckminster Fuller once said that “the secret of change is, not to fight the existing, but to focus all of your energy on building the new”. This is what we chose to do. We don’t wait for governments or big corporations to change.

We do this ourselves.

All of us.


* Made by Louise Dlb