A vision for a global society

For centuries, we have developed a distorted way of living and have treated each other and this little planet we like to call home in the same distorted way. Our values have turned upside down. Instead of enjoying each day with love and kindness towards ourselves and others, we have been thrown into a race where, to win, we have to leave others behind and run as fast as we can to reach an elusive “happiness” that is being sold to us. Well, we don’t buy it. We don’t buy this greed disguised as “happiness”. We take ourselves out of the race and we walk backwards to help whoever is on the ground, stand up.

We help each other because we understand that our future is bound together.

Below, we share our new vision for a global society.

Wealth to Well-being

We build a global society that creates well-being for all. A world where everyone has a feeling of belonging.

As everyone’s well-being depends on the climate, keeping it as stable as possible is vital. Less climate change means less destruction and disruption of our ecosystems. The more we transition to a society that runs on renewable energy, the more we can continue to rely on our climate to provide us with food and water. This means we choose the most sustainable and social companies to partner up with. Companies that abide by fair wage and good conditions for their employees.

Furthermore, we promote a 4-day work week, or less when there is unemployment in that sector. This way we create more jobs with a better work-life balance and we get to spend more time in our communities with family and friends, as well as in nature.

We aim to provide, or financially support, everyone working in 7BP Economy structure with coaching sessions and physical exercise for mental and physical well-being. For mental health, we aim to change the world wide web for the wood wide web at least once a month.

We strive to make meals at the office as cruelty-free as possible, cooking vegetarian and vegan meals.

Separation to Inter-being

We are not divided, we are disconnected. As the self and world are not separate, we believe that our well-being is connected to the well-being of the communities we live in and everyone else.

We break walls and build bridges, with our colleagues and with the partnerships we are involved with. We welcome and encourage diversity and actively promote inclusion.

In 7BP Economy, we have a salary ratio of 1:7, which means the highest-paid person in the company makes a maximum of 7 times of the least paid person’s earnings. This comes from a belief that no human-being is an island and a person can only succeed because of the accomplishments of others.

Extraction to Regeneration

We protect and restore life. We build a society that regenerates.

We live by the rule “extract as little as possible – regenerate as much as possible”. We make products in the most sustainable way we can. We aim to compensate for carbon we emit with planting trees. To limit transportation and to strengthen our communities, a 7BP Economy companies aim to work with local businesses – „as local as possible, as global as necessary”.

Control to Trust

We build a society where relationships are based on trust and transparency.

We build strong relationships based on trust. We trust employees to do their best. We make sure to create a safe space for them to talk about any work-related issues they might have. We are transparent about what and how we do things. Your personal data is owned and controlled by you.

Consuming to Giving

Together we build a happier, healthier and more kind society for all.

We aim to build a culture of consuming less and in a more conscious way. For the things you do consume, we invite you to buy 7BP Economy products where the profit goes back to society and builds a better life for you and everyone else.

Radical Love

We love ourselves, we love each other, we love all of life.

We are a group of people trying to build a better life for each other as well as ourselves. We aim to transform the culture of judgement to one of empathy. We do not blame or shame people for their individual choices. We are here to change the system that makes hypocrites of all of us. No matter where you are or where you are from, we invite you to join 7 Billion Presidents to help build a better life for yourself and the rest of the world.