To move to a Romantic capitalist economy, the first step must be more products. 

Our aim is to grow the amount of Romantic capitalist products to build the new.

Do we just sell random products?

There is no exact definition of a romantic capitalist product. Everything can be romantic!

But, of course, we don’t just want to make any product and therefore have standards for our products so that they correspond to our visions. Therefore, Romantic Capitalist products should give value to society, be as sustainable and as fair as possible while being embedded in local value chains.

What exactly does 7 Billion Presidents do in the production process?

From the cultivation of hops and barley to the brewing of beer, from the brewery to the bar, where the beer is passed over the counter, it is a long and not so easy process that takes many steps and some companies being involved. Same holds true for almost every product we buy in our everyday live. Unfortunately, we are not able to do everything ourselves for now. Luckily, there are already great companies that fulfil our criteria for a beautiful, sustainable and fair product.

We want to build the new… together!

To build more products, we cooperate with other companies. We are convinced, however, that this is not a curse but a blessing. We want to move from a world of competition to a world of cooperation. In this line, we enable social enterprises to use our idea of Romantic capitalism to grow their market share and get further attention for ethical business-making.

7 Billion Presidents offers a link between consumers, companies and the society on a local basis with a global vision. Romantic Capitalism creates a different kind of product, that provides identification and solidarity among people. It can be seen as statement for cooperation over competition, for giving over consuming and for well-being over wealth.