Wealth to Well-being 

Our mission is to build a society that creates well-being for all. We promote a 4 day workweek, or less where there is unemployment in that sector. We aim to pay for coaching and physical weekly sports or exercise of employees. We choose to work less and thus we choose a lower paycheck to have more time to spend with family, friends and the communities we life in. And to spend more time in nature. We aim to provide vegan lunch and dinner at the office. We aim to spend 1 day a week working in the wood wide web. All 7 Billion President companies have a 1:7 salary ratio. This means the highest paid person in the company makes a maximum of 7 times the least paid person working in the company. We aim to make product in such a way that it creates well-being for all people involved.

Competition to Collaboration

Separation to Inter-being
We have a deep understanding that our individual happiness is based on the level of happiness of the people in the communities on the other side of this little planet and the communities we live in.

Extraction to Regeneration
We aim to extract, and poison, as little resources as possible and protect and regenerate life as much as possible. All profits are spend to install renewable energy. We aim to compensate all carbon emissions 7 Billion Presidents is responsible for. We promote less consumption so we can all enjoy life more.

Control to trust

We aim to build strong relationships, without being naïve, based on trust. Data. We don’t trust companies because companies can’t be trusted as they are a made up entity. We are reaching a point where data is used to control people. We believe we the people should control our lives and our future. We trust people that work for companies that don’t sell or use our date. That is why we build companies that don’t.

Consuming to Giving

We aim to build a culture that consumes less and more consciously. We aim to spend more time and attention taking care of our families, friends and the communities we live in. we work to give back to our society and live to  celebrate life.

Radical Love

We are all hypocrites. Nobody is perfect. We are a random group of people trying to build a better life for ourselves and each-other. We aim to transform the current culture of judgement to one of empathy. We don’t blame and shame people for their individual choices. We are here to change the system that makes hypocrites of all of us. No matter what your background is, or what you have done in the past, we invite you to join 7 Billion Presidents to help build a good life for yourself and for us.