Bruut Bier


A direct collaboration between 7BP and Bruut Bier, Socialbeer is beer with a purpose. Wherever you drink it, all proceeds received by 7 Billion Presidents are used to install solar panels in the neighborhood. 

Not only do you enjoy a delicious, prize-winning beer from our friends at Bruut Bier, but with each sip you take, you are giving power to the people and building a city with clean air.

If that doesn’t sound like a win-win-win, we don’t know what does!

Welcome to the 7 Billion Presidents family and thank you for joining in the drinking!

[{"latlng": "52.369701, 4.873494","category":"cafe", "address":{"street":"Potgieterstraat 16", "state": "North Holland", "city":"Amsterdam", "country":"The Netherlands"}, "description":"", "name":"Fento", "website": ""}]


Potgieterstraat 16
Amsterdam - North Holland
The Netherlands

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