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From a Sticker to a Bus

You must be wondering how on earth can someone go from a sticker to a bus? What does it even mean? Who’d even trade a bus for a sticker? Well, grab a cup of coffee (you get virtual hugs if it’s our ethical coffee!) and have a seat. Let me tell you a short and compelling story to answer your questions.

This whole idea started when an ordinary guy, Kyle MacDonald, found himself out of a job and in need of a house. He then had the extraordinary idea, based on a children’s game called Bigger and Better, to start trading an object for another that was essentially – bigger and better. He started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen that looked like a fish. In just a year or in 14 trades, he managed to achieve his goal and did the final trade – a movie role for a farmhouse. Sounds crazy, right? We know! But this is just an example of the power and reach of an online community. We can do so much good together.

So, inspired by Kyle’s amazing initiative, we too decided to begin trading.

Our end goal: an electric bus*. Our starting point: a sticker.

*The electric bus is our dream goal because it’s the most sustainable way of our team to travel to talks, meetings, festivals and to simply connect with other people that would also like to help and be part of this movement.

Kyle himself even gave us some encouragement when we reached out to him for some tips and told us to just start the first trade with somebody nearby!